Saturday, December 11, 2010

C.S.O Thanksgiving 2010 Exclusive Interview

With The Opening Segment Of The C.S.O Thanksgiving Exclusive Interview, The C.S.O Staff Members Had Introduce Themselves & Describe What Their Favorite Music Is, Plus They Also Talk About On What Thanksgiving Mean To Them & What They Are Thankful For.

On The Continuation Of Part 1, The C.S.O Staff Members Reflects On What Do They Do When They Are Celebrating Thanksgiving.

In The Continuation Of Part 2, The C.S.O Staff Members Talks about in the response Of what makes celebrating thanksgiving with the people at C.S.O so special & how are the students & staff of c.s.o like a family to you.

The Last But Not Least Question. The C.S.O Staff Members response to How Are The Students & Staff Of C.S.O like A family to You.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

C.S.O Thanksgiving Exclusive Interview With Paul Kendrick

Ryan Ngala Interviews with Paul Kendrick as he talks about his family and all the things that he do when he's celebrating thanksgiving for the people he loves

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

An Interview Segment Project

I'm Starting On An Interview Project At A Event For The C.S.O Thanksgiving Dinner

That Will Be Featured On The Pelevision News Webcast Show And Will Be Also

Updated & Upload On YouTube.com/PelevisionNews

Blog #1: C.S.O Thanksgiving Dinner Exclusive Interview Update: On How It's Doing

Thanksgiving Is Coming Up In November So I Decided To Do An Interview Segment About What Is The Meaning Of Thanksgiving & Why Do They Celebrate It For.

As You Know R.T.N PRODUCTIONS® Is doing it's presentation on thanksgiving and i thought that why not do it without me Interviewing C.S.O College Advisors who knows all about thanksgiving and why do they celebrate it for, this project will be edited, produced & directed by yours truly Ryan Ngala & it will be premiere on You Tube, Facebook courtesy of Pelevision News and it's only on PelevisionNews.posterous.com.

I'll Will Give You Updates On How It's Coming along but for now that's all the announcements I have for today.